AV (Audio Visual) Cabling Installation

AV installation involves setting up audio and visual equipment, such as speakers, microphones, projectors, and screens, and typically involves a series of steps to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly, and that the system is functional and meets your needs.

PORTER TECH offers site surveys by visiting the installation space to assess the environment, take measurements, and even evaluate the area which is crucial to determine the best location for the equipment and that the system is properly configured and optimized.


We can assist in creating schematic diagrams, determining the cabling and wiring requirements before the installation even takes place. The AV installation process requires a high level of technical expertise, attention to detail, and effective communication to ensure that the audiovisual system meets your needs and that it will provide a seamless audiovisual experience.

Look no further than PORTER TECH to assist with all of your AV consultation and installation needs.


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