After the pandemic, companies are focusing more on security at the workplace to build a safe environment for employees and visitors. Businesses are adopting tools like employee registration tools and touchless access control security to manage each step as well as reopen their office safely.

Moreover, it provides peace of mind when coming to the workplace. Access control security system involves electronic systems that can unlock any door without touching any shared surfaces. Beyond that, touchless access control can also help companies manage a safer return to the workplace.



In this transforming world, the safety and security of the workplace have become essential. Door and other access control security plays a vital role in protecting against unauthorized access and security violations. This blog will uncover the latest advancements in door access control security. It also provides a proper understanding of how these innovative technologies revolutionize workplace safety.

Evolution and Authentication Methods

Fortunately, a new era of authentication is emerging with effective security solutions. The days of traditional lock and keys are gone. Modern door access systems have taken place with improved features and functionalities.

In fact, the passwords are founded to prevent unauthorized use by other individuals. The evolution in security systems and authentication helps your business to stay ahead of the curve. Authentication methods help you to monitor performance to analyze if it delivers the desired result and if things are going according to plan.

By 2025, it’s predicted that nearly 60% of businesses in the world will eliminate password-based authentication for effective methods we will discuss below. From keycards and bimetric scanners to facial recognition, the options are diverse and dynamic.

Business can meet their unique requirements according to the industries and environments they are working in. However, they looking to streamline workflows, update security, and offer effective access control systems at the workplace.

Ways to increase workplace safety

Touchless Security System

Physical keys, keycards, or fobs have a problem in that they can be lost or stolen anytime and anywhere. On the top of that, they can be unhygienic in the time situations of a pandemic.

Security camera systems at the workplace also improve safety by eyeing every activity going on. Businesses have to address the issue of how to unlock doors and build a secure environment for workers with easy access. You can invest in automatic doors in a more convenient and hygienic way. A business owner can use mobile to manage a complete security system that includes security cameras and access control. Additionally, employees can use their smartphones to access secured areas of the workplace.

Better Experience and Employee Wellness

The unknown environment can make guests uncomfortable while entering the office. Security systems like access control systems, security cameras make a sense of confidence among them.

With the help of a visitor management system, you can easily manage a touchless sign for guests. However, you can give access through a QR code or offer a download app for easier and quick access for frequent visitors.

Other computer networking and security systems such as sound masking and wifi service ensure to offer a great experience to visitors and employees as well.

Access control systems also include an employee registration tool to manage who is coming to the regular employees and make them fill out a questionnaire at the time of arrival. Employee wellness is the top priority of every business organization.

To ensure the safety and security of employees at the workplace you can introduce a nurse call system and structure cabling solutions to avoid catching fire and disruption in network cabling infrastructure.

Control of Building Access Remotely

The access control system allows you to manage the system from anywhere in the world. You can update and operate remotely without any dependence. You do not need to rush back to office as you grant access. Additionally, you can change schedules and edit permission levels from anywhere and anytime.

Businesses can give access to security teams to handle security and safety, and you can focus on critical tasks. With security cameras installed, the team can recognize the person and grant access to the premises accordingly. However, it eliminates the need of face to face-to-face interaction for granting permission like issuing keycards.

Scalability and Flexibility

Today’s door access control systems are designed to be scalable and adaptable, accommodating the evolving needs of businesses and organizations. The shift towards based access control management has revolutionized how organizations oversee and manage their security systems.

An effective security system leads to a positive organizational culture that encourages a sense of belonging, purpose, and satisfaction among workers. Workers in innovative workplaces are more likely to produce creative ideas, try new approaches, and unite effectively to break complex problems, leading to enhanced performance and competitive advantage.

Scalability and flexibility societies that prioritize rigidity, inflexibility, and adaptability are more equipped to navigate queries and thrive in dynamic surroundings. By fostering a mindset of nonstop enhancement and literacy, associations can snappily respond to challenges, seize openings, and maintain performance excellence over time.


Organizational culture directly impacts client satisfaction and growth by impacting employee stations, actions, and service delivery. We can conclude that door access control and other security functions are essential for a productive and safe work environment. However, investing in security infrastructure according to your strategic objectives and budget is crucial to ensure smooth business operation.

It costs less than hiring a team of security guards, businesses should go with a reputable provider for installing access control systems at the workplace.

Porter Tech has a team of professionals with expertise in specialized and customizable security infrastructure. From biomimetic authentication to cloud-based management and security cameras with structured cabling have the power to achieve the security goals of organizations.

Remember, the possibilities are endless ensuring that your space remains protected now and in the future. Let all users, both employees, and customers, know you’ll be making the switch, and provide clear instructions for the use of the new system.

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