ABB has started its countdown to the world’s biggest building event, Light & Building. The event takes place every two years in Frankfurt, Germany.  Holding a preview media event in Utrecht in the Netherlands, ABB is outlining how its broad range of solutions increase energy efficiency, reliability and productivity for buildings and make life easier for its customers, channel partners and end consumers.

Smart homes and intelligent buildings are hot topics and ABB is at the leading edge of technology – it is the perfect example of the Internet of Things, Service and People, that we can touch and feel in our homes and offices. 

ABB is hosting journalists from nine European countries to provide a preview of what will be shown in Frankfurt from March 13-18, this year.

Highlights at Light & Building will include commercial building automation solutions; the next generation of its free@home smart home system; a demonstration of the energy savings potential of the world’s first circuit breaker and power manager, Emax2; and a new suite of engineering software, e-Design.

ABB will also showcase its collaboration with PointGrab for the first time.  PointGrab provides detailed information about activity within buildings to effectively support energy-saving, facility management, occupant comfort and safety, as well as business intelligence, by using machine learning algorithms to use visual signals for detailed analytics.  ABB’s corporate venture capital arm, ABB Technology Ventures, recently announced an investment in PointGrab.

Adalbert Neumann, head of sales and marketing for ABB’s Building Products business, said: “ABB along with its Busch-Jaeger business is at the cutting edge of smart homes and buildings.  We continue to innovate and explore partnerships to ensure that we can deliver efficiency, security and comfort in commercial and residential buildings.  A good example of such collaborations is our relationship with PointGrab.  This company has an advanced solution which complements the technology of ABB, so we are exploring how we can work together to bring solutions to market even quicker.

“At the Light & Building event, we are able to demonstrate how the Internet of Things, Service and People enables rapid development in a number of fields to improve the experience our industrial customers can deliver and the comfort, security and convenience that people can receive in their own homes.  We have some exciting new solutions that will be shown for the first time ever in March.”

Demonstrating the future of smart buildings | ABB

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